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"First Russian-American Steak House"

The restaurant is designed in a way that makes every single visit an unforgettable experience (that has always been the major dream of its keepers). The interiors are decorated with authentic moulding, which creates a warm and hospitable atmosphere. The walls are ornamented with pictures of everyday scenes before the Russian revolution. During the reconstruction we also found some horseshoes and nails, which are now gently framed, and some rings in the walls – those were used for hitching horses back in the old days. All those details help people remember the history of the place.

At the restaurant we have a special kids room with toys, books, paints and board games. On weekends and holidays we always have professional staff who will take care of your kids entertaining them with games, contests, baking of cookies, reading and painting, while you can enjoy your peaceful lunch.

When looking for interior ideas for Stroganoff Steak House, we did our best to create a cozy and warm atmosphere, so that every single guest of our restaurant could easily switch off and enjoy culinary masterpieces of our chefs. There is much authentic moulding used in the interior design: wood, leather and other decorations.

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